Monday, August 16, 2010

No tears!

Yeap.. no tears on his first day at School today. He seemed to be quite happy playing with the toys and mingling with the other kids. Will see again next week! Another big milestone is driving licence, graduation etc etc : )

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aydin Vs Panaga playground

Aydin favourite place...wish afternoon is longer so we can finish work on my normal squash/gym/golf/jog routine and also bring him to the playground/swimming pool. This is a luxury..dont think we can find this anywhere else in least

Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Remore Control

I think this picture was taken 6 months ago..same week Shimah`s wedding

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Aydin singapore get away

Took Aydin to Singapore for a much needed break from work this week. Actually both of us need some wardrobe change as we didnt have much opportunity to shop in our last trip to Thailand. It was great..4 days and 3 nights...well take off travelling days its actually only 2 days 2 night trip. One day in Universal studios so that only left us with one day of shopping.

This trip was easier as we dont have to worry about Aydin being fussy about food but also quite tiring as he obviously didnt like the long walks and the shopping. So we ended up with some really impulse shopping and crazy back pain at the end of the day. Imagine carrying a 15kg ++ (not including gravity) walking around Orchard road and Universal Studios and not forgeting the shopping bags...yikes!

Universal Studios is great...but i think they forgot about one thing..trees! The place is beautiful and amazing and packed with all the Shrek, Madagascar etc characters but no trees! The place is just too hot for children to walk around especially in the morning till mid day. Anyway Aydin had a great time especially watching the 4D shrek Cinema show and special effect demo. Most of the rides he cannot play yet due to the height restriction but its ok. We will definitely come again and probably next time with a much more taller Aydin and an express ticket..yeap..B$30 extra can save you at least 3 hours of waiting time next time!

More pics soon

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mystery solved

Baben is actually Backyardigans...hehe

Monday, May 31, 2010

Miri Getaway

Took a quick break and went to Miri to play Golf and do some shopping with the Birds and Neneks Beribi. It was a great and fun trip..great golf..great seafood..great rooms..nore importantly the kids are having a great time together..well most of the time at least. Dalila apparently was quite moody the whole afternoon we arrived looking for his daddy while Aydin threw a big tantrum after being taken away from the breakfast buffet and thus refused to go down the pool in the morning..but other than that.its all good! Thanks again to Neneks Beribi for everything : )

Watching Disney channel

Great seafood...or whats left of it..

Aunty Bet...more than 20 years experience of baby sitting but seems having some problem to control little Speedy Gonzales hehe!
Smiley face..baru bangun

Hang Aydin..

Its 9:30pm and still no dinner face

Rare scene...Aydin still blur bangun tidur : )

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thoughts on a Breast Milk Bank

Today’s article in the Brunei Times of the abandoned baby girl in RIPAS urgently needing breast milk to have a chance at survival tore at my heart. I understand that this is also a plea for the mother to come forward and claim her child with the hope that she feels some kind of responsibility to her baby. But then she did choose to abandon this child, so the chances of her materialising to care for her sick baby are, unfortunately, slim.

In other countries like the US, Canada and Austrailia, there are institutions like the National Breast Milk Bank. Their website reads; “The National Milk Bank (NMB) is a nationwide organization that collects donated human milk, ensures milk safety and quality and makes it available for infants in need. We strive to make quality human breast milk available to all premature and critically-ill babies. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for all qualified donors across the United States to donated their milk by making the donor process convenient and confidential.” We could and should do this here in Brunei. Has this ever been identified as a priority?

There are a number of breastfeeding mothers in Brunei who feel strongly about the importance of making that commitment to their children. Breastfeeding is mentioned in the Quran; which obligates us to feed our children at the breast for 2 years. As a working mother, I had to express milk at the office and in doing so came to know a lot of mothers who express regularly and sometimes in large volumes.
Expressed breast milk has a limited storage life when it has not been pasteurised. There are periods when a mother will ‘over-produce’ and inevitably have to dispose of the milk that has gone sour. It is these women who should also be appealed to, in order to donate some milk for this baby. And all other infants in need.

When voicing this concern, the biggest objection has been the issues of preventing ‘kesusuan’. Worries about ‘kesusuan’ or ‘Radā’ in this case are unfounded. Wikipedia defines Rada as a technical term from Islamic Jurisprudence meaning ‘the suckling which produces the legal impediment to marriage of foster-kinship’. In my reading, for a child to become a wet nurse’s foster child, the child would have to suckle at her breast at least 5 times. With expressed breast milk, there is no suckling and by extension no foster kinship. I would be interested in the view of the Ministry of Religious Affairs to clarify on this issue.

In any case, an appeal should be made for donated breast milk for this baby girl. If I was still able to ‘produce’, donate and save a life, I would.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big Boss

First mommy`s Ipad then Daddy`s chair..

Happy Bday Neneks!

May is aspecial month as its both Nenek Laki Beribi and Neneks Lumut Bday!